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Graduate Theses



Mohammad A. Hossain

Hossain, M.A., 2014. Thermal Characteristics of Microinverters on Dual-axis Trackers. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH.


Yang Hu

Hu, Y., 2014. PV Module Performance Under Real-world Test Conditions–A Data Analytics Approach. Case Western Reserve University.



Heather Lemire

Lemire, H.M., 2013. Degradation of Transparent Conductive Oxides: Mechanistic Insights and Interfacial Engineering. Case Western Reserve University.

Wei-Chun Lin
Lin, W.-C., 2013. Non-Tracked Mirror-Augmented Photovoltaic Design & Performance. Case Western Reserve University.

Myles P. Murray


Richard F. Rajter

Rajter, R.F., 2009. Chirality-Dependent, van der Waals-London Dispersion Interactions of Carbon Nanotube Systems. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Klaus van Benthem

Van Benthem, K., 2002. Electron Microscopic Investigation of the Bonding Behaviour of Metals on SrTiO3 Substrates. Universität Stuttgart.



Jackson R. Smith

Smith, J.R., 2001. The relationship between bonding, structure and optical properties in reactive sputter deposited chrome oxycarbonitride. University of Pennsylvania.



Asa Frye

Frye, A., 1999. Defect-induced electrical/optical properties of SrTiO 3-x (001) by photo -assisted tunneling spectroscopy. University of Pennsylvania.



Erik S. Thiele

Thiele, E.S., 1998. Scattering of electromagnetic radiation by complex microstructures in the resonant regime. University of Pennsylvannia.



Harold D. Ackler

Ackler, H.D. (Harold D., 1997. Thermodynamic calculations and model experiments on thin intergranular amorphous films in ceramics. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Roger H. French

French, R., 1985. Electronic structure of A12O3 : VUV reflectivity measurements from room temperature to 1100C̊. M. I. T., Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering.