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Automated Image Processing


The purpose of the Energy Common Research Analytics and Data Lifecycle Environment (Energy CRADLE) is to create for engineering, and in particular lifetime science, the tools and protocols necessary to transform Big Data into information, which informs scientific knowledge to guide further analysis. Energy CRADLE is tightly focused on serving the needs of handling and sharing data among the SunFarm network researchers. Raw data collected from the SunFarms will go through data pre-processing and semantic annotation and stored in an NO-SQL Hadoop system. With domain knowledge, Energy CRADLE can manage the organization and orchestration of the data, making the inquiry of the data more efficient. The Energy CRADLE data integration environment has two features. First, it can push all the raw data collected from SunFarms on to a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and further map to HBase which is a distributed database. Secondly, through Thrift and REST servers, the user can use a visual front end to interact with data stored in HBase.