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PHI 680 Scanning Auger Microprobe

The PHI 680 system consists of a field-emission scanning electron microscope with a Schottky emission cathode, a secondary electron detector, and an axial cylindrical mirror analyzer with a multi-channel detector to collect Auger electrons produced during electron imaging. Very small spot sizes can be realized with this instrument, down to 7 nm. This is useful for high-resolution imaging and for Auger data acquisition using low beam currents. Inert gas sputtering is used to clean surface contamination from samples and to remove material from a small area on the surface for depth profiling. Several modes of operation are available to the user, including survey, line, profile, and elemental mapping. Capable of multi-point analysis, the instrument is a powerful tool for routine failure analysis and quality control of inorganic samples. An additional device permits in situ fracture of samples, at liquid nitrogen temperature if necessary.