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Please access these forms for pre-authorization and contacts for project submission.
Before the transport of any used equipment may be permitted, it is necessary to complete a Safety Clearance Protocol form. To complete this form, personnel from the Department of Occupational and Environmental Safety (D.O.E.S.) must be contacted for verification.
Contact Information:
Anna Dubnisheva 
Phone:     216-368-8872
 Any staff member of D.O.E.S can process this form if Anna is unavailable.  The D.O.E.S number is listed below.
For general safety queries, please contact the D.O.E.S at 216-368-2907
Please fill out the project pre-authorization form and send with a drawing and/or sketch of your project and we will respond with an approximate quote.
Forms can be submitted online via the following links. Forms may also be completed by hand and turned in to the D.O.E.S. See attachments below.

incoming work authorization sheet.pdf250.67 KB
Safety Clearance Form-2.pdf21.82 KB