The Center of Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics (CCIPD) at Case Western Reserve University is involved in various different aspects of developing, evaluating and applying novel quantitative image analysis, computer vision, signal processing, segmentation, multi-modal co-registration tools, pattern recognition, and machine learning tools for disease diagnosis, prognosis, and theragnosis in the context of breast, prostate, head and neck, and brain tumors as well as epilepsy and carotid plaque. Our group is also exploring the utility of these methods in studying correlations of disease markers across multiple scales, modalities, and functionalities -- from gene and protein expression to spectroscopy to digital pathology and to multi-parametric MRI.

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Wed, 2021-09-29 11:06

Case Western Reserve University lab using digital images of chest scans from coronavirus patients from Wuhan, China, to teach its computers to triage patients

Researchers at the Case Western Reserve University lab, which has become a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven precision medicine research, are developing a computational tool to help medical staff decide which patients will need the most extensive treatment for COVID-19.

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Tue, 2021-08-31 14:11

On July 6, 2021 and Aug 31, 2021, patents titled “Predicting response to immunotherapy using computer extracted features of cancer nuclei from hematoxylin and eosin (HandE) stained images of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)” and “Sequential integration of adversarial networks with handcrafted features (SANwicH): identifying sites of prognostic significance for predicting cancer recurrence” were awarded to CCIPD.

Cheers to the inventors on both patents, Anant Madabhushi, PhD, and Xiangxue Wang, PhD, and to the inventors on the second...

Wed, 2021-08-18 12:11

Please join us for a virtual Machine Learning Working Group Meeting on August 23rd, from 12-1pm EST. Greeshma Agasthya, PhD, Research Scientist in the Advanced Computing for Health Sciences Section at Oak Ridge National Lab will be presenting “Machine learning and deep learning-based time series analysis for early metastatic prostate cancer detection.”
Abstract: Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second most common cancer among men in the United States. It was estimated that there were 191,930 new PCa cases in 2020 in USA. A 2018 study showed an increasing...

Fri, 2021-08-06 12:44

CCIPD researchers have used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify new biomarkers for breast cancer that can predict whether the cancer will return after treatment. Furthermore, this study helped to identify which biomarkers can be identified from routinely acquired tissue biopsy samples of early-stage breast cancer. The key to that initial determination is collagen, a common protein found throughout the body, including in breast tissue. 

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Fri, 2021-07-30 14:59

Dr.Anant Madabhushi is named a Showstopper on The Pathologist’s 2021 Power List. This list celebrates 100 influential figures, thought leaders, and opinion shapers in pathology and laboratory medicine. Dr. Madabhushi was also named to the Power List in 2019 and 2020. 

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