UroToday features “Beyond the Abstract” commentary by CCIPD

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 14:34

On February 24th, UroToday featured an abstract commentary on the paper, “A Novel Imaging Based Nomogram for Predicting Post-Surgical Biochemical Recurrence and Adverse Pathology of Prostate Cancer from Pre-Operative Bi-Parametric MRI”. The commentary was written by Lin Li, graduate student researcher, and Anant Madabhushi, PhD, Director, CCIPD.

Collaborating authors: Lin Li, Rakesh Shiradkar, Patrick Leo, Ahmad Algohary, Pingfu Fu, Sree Harsha Tirumani, Amr Mahran, Christina Buzzy, Verena C Obmann, Bahar Mansoori, Ayah El-Fahmawi, Mohammed Shahait, Ashutosh Tewari, Cristina Magi-Galluzzi, David Lee, Priti Lal, Lee Ponsky, Eric Klein, Andrei S Purysko, Anant Madabhushi

Read the commentary on UroToday's website here.