LG234: Digital imaging technologies, an update on imaging technologies that meet and exceed our light microscopes

Friday, July 10, 2015 - 14:15
Michael Feldman, MD
As we transition the practice of pathology away from the light microscope and into the world of digital imaging, new methods and modalities are presented to pathology which will expose us to new functionalities. These new functionalities include the ability to digitally capture an entire whole slide with a full Z stack which will exposed entirely new views of information to image scientists. We will be able to exceed the optical resolution of a microscope using phase based imaging modalities so that sub-microscopic features (nanoscale) structures are revealed, again requiring us to retool our image process tools to handle these new features. The ability to molecularly interrogate tissues in a multiplexed fashion will grow from single color stains using immunohistochemistry to low dimensional multiplexing (using immunofluorescence) to very high dimensional multiplexing using mass spectrometry. This talk will review some of these changes to allow our group to prepare for and start thinking about how to take advantage of these new imaging modalities as we venture forward.