To Chemo or not to Chemo, That is the Question

Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 14:38

Recent research at the Center has unveiled novel quantitative imaging biomarkers from the immediate periphery adjacent to the tumor in both invasive breast cancer and advanced non-small cell lung cancer, from pre-treatment DCE-MRI and CT scans respectively. The breast cancer work was recently reported in JAMA Open, while the lung cancer work was published in Radiology: AI.

Unlike conventional 'radiomics' methods which look inside the tumor, the research here was innovative  at looking not just inside the tumor but also outside the tumor. The clincal end point these features were looking at was response to chemotherapy in both the cancers using only non-invasive imaging done before therapy. 

The work in lung cancer also showed that these novel pre-treamtment imaging features from inside and outside the lung nodule could also predict progression-free survival in these patients.

In the case of the work in HER2+ breast cancer (one of the invasive breast cancer subtypes), not only were the radiomic features predictive of benefit to chemotherapy derived from gold standard pathological analysis, but could also unlock novel molecular subtypes within this clinically defined subtype as well, with differential response to chemotherapy. 

The publication of these two novel research findings with a potential to change current clinical practice received excited coverage in the scientific community. A few of those are linked below

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