Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics Mentees Present in CWRU’s Virtual Intersections & Celebrations of Student Writing and Research

Tuesday, December 22, 2020 - 23:11

View CCIPD mentees’ writings and research by following this Virtual Intersections link or follow the direct links below. 

CCIPD Mentees' Research

Student projects mentored by Dr. Anant Madabhushi:

Daniel Shao “Nuclear Shape of ER+ Breast Tumor Whole Slide Images Predict Recurrence and Survival” 

Ruyuan Zuo “Predicting extra-capsular extension of prostate cancer using radiomic analysis of periprostatic fat on T2w MRI

Jihan (Iris) Zhang “Deep Learning based Generation of Pseudo Histological Re-stain for Computational Renal Pathology

Student project mentored by Dr. Satish Viswanath:

Hoa Le “Radiomics-based characterization of perirectal wall tissue on MRI for evaluation of pathologic tumor response after chemoradiation in rectal cancer