CCIPD researchers awarded patent

Monday, May 18, 2020 - 11:47

Anant Madabhushi, PhD, Satish Viswanath, Pallavi Tiwari, PhD, and Jacob Antunes, graduate student researcher, were awarded the patent, “Characterizing intra-tumoral heterogeneity for response and outcome prediction using radiomic spatial textural descriptor (RADISTAT)”.

USSN: 10,650,515; May 12, 2020

Inventors: Anant Madabhushi, Satish Viswanath, Jacob Antunes, Pallavi Tiwari

Abstract: Embodiments access an image of a region of interest (ROI) demonstrating cancerous pathology; extract radiomic features from the ROI; define a radiomic feature expression scene based on the ROI and radiomic features; generate a cluster map by superpixel clustering the expression scene; generate an expression map by repartitioning the cluster map into expression levels; compute a textural and spatial phenotypes for the expression map based on the expression levels; construct a radiomic spatial textural (RADISTAT) descriptor by concatenating the textural and spatial phenotypes; provide the RADISTAT descriptor to a machine learning classifier; receive, from the machine learning classifier, a first probability that the ROI is a responder or non-responder, or a second probability that the ROI will experience long-term survival or short-term survival, based, at least in part, on the RADISTAT descriptor; and generate a classification of the ROI as a responder or non-responder, or long-term survivor or short-term survivor.