Institute for Advanced Materials | Sustainability

Advanced Sustainability

Researchers at the institute are pioneering new materials to help us make the most out of natural resources, reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and extend the useful lives of products.

Materials for sustainability include:


  • Water and air purifications substances help us better manage our resources, supplying more clean water and breathable air
  • Environmentally benign materials— renewables, recyclables and biodegradables—reduce the impact of manufacturing and innovation on the environment, giving the new products we need a smaller carbon footprint
  • Extended life materials and coatings like anti-corrosion, self-healing, self-cleaning and anti-fouling agents make the most of what we have, helping our current products last longer


Our changing way of life

Created in the spring of 2009, Case Western Reserve University's Institute for Sustainability brings a diverse array of scholars and students together to help chart the course to that brighter future. Learn more about Institute for Sustainability.