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Advanced Materials

Drawing on the university's legacy and leadership, the Institute for Advanced Materials aims to enhance and energize Ohio's industrial base and manufacturing capability by leveraging a broad range of materials that provide the foundation for innovations in multiple technology sectors.
The institute provides an interdisciplinary research platform for materials science at Case Western Reserve University—a central hub that empowers the university to advance new materials research and enhance the economic viability of Northeast Ohio by putting the results into action across the country and around the world.
Collaborations between Case Western Reserve’s internationally recognized faculty, researchers and partners in government and private industry drive the institute’s fundamental materials research efforts, which are focused on three key areas: energysustainability and human healthContact the Institute for Advanced Materials to learn more.

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In Good Company
The Institute for Advanced Materials at Case Western Reserve University has been named one of Ohio's Centers of Excellence in Enabling Technologies, joining an elite group of nationally recognized academic programs that generate cutting edge research and draw investment dollars, enhancing Ohio's position as a leader in today's growth industries. Learn more about how the Institute for Advanced Materials is working to position Ohio as a national resource for advanced materials research and a magnet for entrepreneurs looking to bring innovations to market.