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Sarah Jutte

Manager of Recruiting and Communication, The Institute for Management and Engineering

Recruits qualified candidates for MEM program and develops and implements communications plan to increase visibility for MEM program worldwide

Office: 305 Nord Hall
Phone Number: (216) 368-1148
Fax Number: (216) 368-0144
University Location Code (mail stop): 7233

Job Description

Develop and implement an integrated recruiting, marketing and communication plan to solicit and attract eligible engineering students to apply and enroll in the Master of Engineering and Management program. Develop metrics to measure the effectiveness of initiatives and redirect plans in order to manage the solicitations, conversion rates and admission process as needed.

Key Job Functions

  • Develop and execute a yearly recruiting plan for the MEM program.
  • Develop and manage social media strategies for the MEM program.
  • Responsible for reporting website analytics and managing updates for the MEM program website.
  • Develop collateral marketing pieces for various constituents, including students, employer and corporate partners.
  • Manages promotions and materials for recruiting events and management of leads procured from such events.
  • Develop metrics of marketing projects and events as a means of evaluating outcomes and effectiveness of various outreach activities.