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Rimas Biliunas

Director of Information Technology, CSE IT (U-Tech)

Develops and implements a strategic information technology plan for the Case School of Engineering

Office: 510 Nord
Phone Number: (216) 368-5177
Fax Number: (216) 368-6939
University Location Code (mail stop): 7220

Job Description

As the Director of Information Technology for the Case School of Engineering, Rimas is responsible for developing and implementing all information technology functions for the school. He provides leadership to the school in relation to information technology, including strategic planning, project management, needs assessments, policy and procedure formation, budget management, identification and allocation of resources, business process automation, faculty and staff computer resource management and communication and dissemination of critical information within the Case School of Engineering and between the school and the university.

Key Job Functions

  • Develop the School’s overall technology vision.
  • Strategize, implement, and manage the roll-out of school-wide Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to replace traditional workstations for both faculty and staff.
  • Provide leadership in the areas of research technology and the incorporation of information technology into research. Work with faculty, senior administration, and CWRU Information Technology Services to implement technologies that further the research ne
  • Oversee and direct the implementation of technologies that further the pedagogical goals of the faculty.
  • Strategize and execute information technology projects of school-wide positive economic impacts, such as information technology infrastructure consolidation, business automation projects for large service centers and equipment replacement cycles.
  • Develop proactive procedures and policies that serve the school timely, efficiently, and economically. Consult with senior administration as needed and disseminate departmental guidelines to the Case School of Engineering community.
  • Implement a disaster recovery program for Case School of Engineering computers
  • Develop and manage the budget and resource allocation for the IT assets of the School