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Mark Marietta

Systems Administrator, CSE IT (U-Tech)

Configures and maintains virtual desktops, zero-client environments, cloud computing and EC2 instances, and coordinates computing purchases

Office: 407 Olin
Phone Number: (216) 368-6452

Job Description

Mark implements the structure and use of AWS WorkSpaces for virtual desktops, Teradici for zero-client environments and EC2 for burstable performance instances for different departments across the university. He also assists with maintaining VMware and Citrix environments, as well as works with staff and faculty on their technology needs and purchases.

Key Job Functions

  • Develops and maintains AWS WorkSpaces for use in departments
  • Creates and maintains AWS EC2 instances for faculty
  • Assists in maintaining the VMware environment
  • Advises staff and faculty on their technology needs and helps in purchases