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Laura Marshall

Senior Business Director, Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice

Connects professional and student talent to industry opportunities

Office: 312 Nord Hall
Phone Number: (216) 368-5762
University Location Code (mail stop): 7233

Job Description

Laura builds relationships with companies to generate more experiential learning opportunities for engineering students, including internships, co-ops, class projects, plant tours, speaking engagements and more. She provides excellent customer service to corporate partners, matching their recruiting needs with our engineering student talent, as well as helping to coordinate industry partnerships with faculty researchers. Laura also coaches students on professional development and job search skills.

Key Job Functions

  • Develops marketing and business development strategic plans to promote student and faculty talent to industry
  • Leads team of industry relations and talent managers
  • Develops corporate and industry relationships; understands their needs to facilitate a diverse range of engagements between students and faculty
  • Creates experiential learning engagements for students, including co-ops, internships, class projects, senior design projects, tours, speaking engagements, industry days, etc.
  • Serves as a consultative, strategic resource for companies and industry that engage student engineering talent
  • Serves as liaison to engineering departments to identify educational programs and projects that can be positioned to engage industry support and to grow current and new industry relationships
  • Meets with students in order to gain an understanding of their employment interests and capabilities
  • Coaches and mentors students on professional development and early career development