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Grant Risch

Systems Administrator, CSE IT

Plans, maintains and implements both virtual and hardware solutions to the wide range of needs within the engineering school


Office: 214 Nord
Phone Number: (216) 368-1706
Delivery Address: Nord 500

Job Description

Grant addresses the complex demands within [U]Tech's School of Engineering IT group, including equipment, software and systems serving the entire faculty, staff and student community. He also administers the school’s VMWare and Citrix virtual servers, desktops and applications; maintains both physical and virtual servers of various operating systems; installs and configures new hardware/software applications, releases, system upgrades and patches; manages security; and troubleshoots and resolves systems-related, end-user and lab computing issues. He works with the Director of IT and the other Systems Administrators to investigate and document business processes and make recommendations for system improvements and enhancements. He also serves as a key procedure and policy development contributor to the CSE IT team.

Key Job Functions

  • Researches the breadth of continually maturing and evolving VMware technologies, designs the appropriate implementation of VMware technology for CSE. VMWare is the mission-critical foundation of CSE’s server infrastructure.
  • Implements the VMware design, configures for optimal functioning, maintains the implementation, and continuously monitors VMware and vSphere in high-availability and failover virtual server architectures.
  • Researches and designs the appropriate implementations of VMware technology for CSE, implements the design, configures optimal functionality, and maintains the implementations.
  • Researches and designs the appropriate implementations of Citrix technologies, implements the design, configures optimal functionality, and maintains the implementations, specifically relating to XenDesktop, XenApp and Netscaler installations
  • Manages all of CSE’s physical & virtual Windows server platforms, ~250 VMs, & its components, including Active Directory, Group Policy, high-performance storage arrays, failover clustering, certificate and file hosting services, & related technologies
  • Designs, implements, and maintains disaster backup and recovery systems and procedures, and accompanying security procedures to ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Researches options, designs, installs, configures and administers enterprise hardware including rackmount, blade servers, networking hardware and associated environmental monitoring/control
  • Configures, maintains and continuously monitors an enterprise-grade Dell PowerEdge and Dell Equallogic data farm (more than 400 VMs layered on Citrix, layered on VMWare, layered on physical machines, using various high-performance storage arrays)