PayScale assesses ROI of degrees; ranks Case Western Reserve 37th in nation

The research firm PayScale created their 2012 College Salary Report to assess the value of a four-year degree, and determined that the 15 best undergraduate degrees for starting median salary were all in engineering, computer and physical sciences, and math. PayScale also calculated those degrees’ return on investment based on the median income of a degree holder over that of a high school graduate.
PayScale ranked Case Western Reserve University 37th in the country for its return on investment, out of 850 schools it evaluated. They determined the average annual ROI was 9 percent for Case Western Reserve grads, earning them a 30-year net ROI of $680,300; for those who receive financial aid, the average annual ROI was calculated at 11.1 percent, with a 30-year return of $755,800.

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