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EMG Detector Learn-To-Solder Kit March 27, 2014

This novel low-cost, low-power learn-to-solder kit was designed by a CWRU student for think[box]. The device measures the electric signals generated by human muscles and displays them on an LED bar graph. It is intended to be used for learn-to-solder workshops, and as a human-machine interface for other student's projects. Bird Technologies of Solon, OH contributed to and manufactured the final product. Several prototypes were made with think[box]'s PCB router.

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Daniel Dichek - djd103@case.edu



Reed Arts Festival Daemon Mouthpiece March 12, 2014

A CWRU student designed a mouthpiece for a friend's entry into Reed Arts Week at Reed College in Portland, OR. The piece fit inside the user's mouth between their cheek and lower teeth, and illuminated the inside of the user's mouth proportionally to the volume of their voice. Parts were sourced from the Sears Lab and the custom PCBs were made on the think[box] circuit board router. Final assembly was completed in think[box]. 

Daniel Dichek - djd103@case.edu



"Vive" Headphones February 5, 2014

Sustainability minded headphones using flexible, perforated plywood and eco-friendly padding for easy recycling.

Bernadette Marconi - bmarconi@student.cia.edu

SoftWorm II Structure February 5, 2014

SoftWorm II is a peristaltically-driven robot using a printed FDM mesh for an external structure. Each truss can rotate freely about a pin and there are four degrees of freedome at every intersection. The robot moves by contracting or expanding actuators along the length to simulate the undulation and movement of an earthworm. The students involved in this project are Hillary Bunnelle, Maria Lorkowski, and Ronal Leibach. 

Ronald Leibach - rjl32@case.edu

think[box] Circuitry Piano February 5, 2014

Decorated as part of the Play Me I'm Yours event in University Circle from July through September 2013, think[box] teaching assistants Kellie Pasini, Jevon Montague, Raymond Krajci, Kristina Collins, Bernadette Marconi, and Fynn McPherson made an electronics themed piano using paint and laser cut components. But, really, Kellie carried the team on her back.

Hive Workstation Concepts February 5, 2014

The Hive Workstation is the flagship product of Abeo Design, LLC. This work cell was designed by Daniel Cuffaro, Chair of the Industrial Design Department at the Cleveland Institute of Art. A prototype made in think[box] during the early phases of design helped project partners visualize the design, which is now being sold nationwide to higher-education institutions and businesses. Read more about Hive Workstations in Cleveland Magazine or at Abeo Design.

Daniel Cuffaro - dcuffaro@sbcglobal.net

Ecospinners Fuel Cell Bicycle February 5, 2014

EcoSpinners is designing an integrated and programmable electric bike with a proprietary fuel cell range extender. The bike’s power pack is a hybrid of advanced lithium-ion polymer battery and liquid-fueled fuel cell. The critical part of the bike design is a low-cost fuel cell, running on non-polluting and recyclable liquid fuel that allows an increase in range without increasing the cost of the power pack.

Jean Zhao - jjz12@case.edu

think[box] Model II Glasses February 5, 2014

These stylish glasses were made 100% from start to finish in think[box] using materials made available to users. 

Peter-Michael Webb - pxw175@case.edu

Direct Liquid Cooled H-Bridge Manifold February 5, 2014

This project was an H-bridge to drive a quasi-constant wave solid-state musical tesla coil. John Forcina worked in conjunction with tesla coil legend Steve Ward. 

John Forcina - forcijo10@gmail.com

"Pulse" - Illuminated Fashion February 5, 2014

This entry for the In The Dark illuminated fashion competition organized by the Cleveland Institute of Art, features dynamic multi-colored changing light strips that respond to the model's movement.


Raymond Krajci - raymond.krajci@case.edu

Ben Horvat - bhorvat@student.cia.edu

Eric Payne - epayne@student.cia.edu

Marcy Kniss - mkniss@student.cia.edu