Pricing Rates Explained

All of the machines in think[box] are currently free to use. If you choose to use our stock materials, however, you must pay for those. Here at think[box] we have two rates, the Undergraduate Student Rate and the Regular Rate. The prices for both rates are published on signs above the various machines in the lab, and also listed on the web pages for these machines in the equipment section of this website.  Read below to learn more about these two rates, and which rate is appropriate for your project.

Why Two Pricing Rates?

To encourage undergraduate students to use the lab, a discounted Undergraduate Student Rate has been established and kept as low as possible while still covering certain material costs. The Regular Rate, though including no profit markup, considers all costs including facilities, staff, and equipment costs, machine maintenance costs, training costs, in addition to the costs of the consumables and supplies.

Which Pricing Rate is Right For Me?

If you are an undergraduate student (at any university) or a K-12 student working on any of the following, you qualify for the Undergraduate Student Rate:

  • a project for a class
  • a personal project
  • an extracurricular undergraduate group project

If you are an undergraduate student working on a funded faculty project, a consulting project, or any other project besides what's listed above, you qualify for the Regular Rate.

All graduate students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members who are not undergraduate students qualify for the Regular Rate.