Tours and Orientations

Tours and Orientations

Here at think[box], we offer two ways for users to become acquainted with the space and understand what the facility has to offer: tours and orientations.

Both tours and orientations run only during open hours. Please refer to the building schedule as you plan your visit.

Please review the information below to determine which will most benefit you and/or your group. 


  • Run approximately 25 minutes.
  • A general introduction to think[box] suitable for all audiences.
  • Topics covered include scale, scope, access, and outcomes of think[box].
  • Groups of up to 15 persons will be accommodated by a single tour, and groups larger than 15 persons should be staggered into multiple, individually booked tour times. 


  • Run approximately 45 minutes
  • A general introduction to think[box] with additional content regarding shop safety.
  • Suitable for groups who will spend significant time in the metal shop or wood shop.
  • Participants receive a tour of the facility PLUS Ability Badge training - the first step to using shop facilities.