Adriaan Riet

President and Graduate Student Senator for Chemical Engineering Department

The president acts as the lead representative of ChEGSO both within and outside of the department while also  performing duties as the Graduate Student Senator for the department. The president officiates general proceedings of ChEGSO, updates the graduate student body on GSS activities, and voices any departmental concerns to the GSS.

Adriaan's research is on grain boundary diffusion in periclase at high temperature and pressure conditions. Originally from Utah, he enjoys programming as well as being outdoors.


Dan Gil

Vice President

The vice president functions as a liaison between the graduate students and the faculty within the chemical engineering department; this includes meeting with the department chair to work to improve the department and overall atmosphere. In addition to this, they act as GSS Senator and officiator of ChEGSO Board meetings when the President is indisposed.

Dan works on interfacial phenomena and surfactants in water-ethanol systems.


Adam Maraschky


The secretary is responsible for the weekly events that ChEGSO holds including cookie hours and pizza talks. Additionally, the secretery keeps all of the minutes from the ChEGSO meetings, so if you missed a meeting and want to know what happened, please feel free to ask.

Adam researches lithium electrodeposition for high energy density applications. He also enjoys photography.


Terry Weng

Social Chair

It is the job of the social chair to organize the social events of ChEGSO around the year. To better sever the graduate students of the chemical engineering and biomolecule department, the social committee members will prepare events like welcome BBQ, department party and other monthly social events. The goal of the social chair is to provide an opportunity for graduate students, besides their research life, to refresh themselves and get to know each other.

Terry also does research.


Suchitra Selvaraj

Professional Development Chair

The position of professional development chair involves working to create opportunities for members of Chegso to better prepare themselves for life after graduation.  This involves organizing professional development activies and working to build a better network of department graduates who may be able to offer assistance to current students.  The other major reponsibility of the professional development chair is the design and upkeep of the Chegso website.

Suchitra is currently working on the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide. When not in the lab, she enjoys listening to music, travelling, yoga, and playing badminton.