Welcome BBQ at Euclid Creek

Question: What's more welcoming to the new students than a barbeque at a scenic park? Answer: delicious food + hanging out with professors + playing beanbag toss, volleyball and bocce ball with current students at a beautiful park. That's the royal treatment from every graduate student's dream. Every year, this ambitious dream becomes a reality for all incoming students, and this year was no exception. It took place in the evening of Wednesday, September 2nd, during the precious 4-hour time window after the sun has bailed on its former intensity but before the mosquito swarms feasted on the blood of the innocent. Our chefs, as depicted below, put their laboratory training in cooking electrolyte concoctions into practice with trained precision. Their thoughtfully prepared food then fueled the entire department in its athletic endeavors afterwards. Competitive volleyball matches, aggressive bocce ball tournaments and wild beanbag toss contests took the department by storm and left everyone sweaty, tired, yet exhilarated and longing for more. This event was a memory to be treasured for ages.