Holiday Party

Though the air outside simmered like tropical Hawaii, the winter holiday season was already upon us. As was the tradition, the chemical engineering department celebrated the conclusion of yet another fruitful year with their annual holiday party in the lobby of AW Smith building. For a few hours on December 17, the faculty, staff and students suspended their work, gathered together and were entranced by delicious foods, fun games and each other’s company. In addition to savory delicacies catered on pristine, reflective platters, exotic side-dishes and desserts were brought in by students and faculties alike to complement such exquisite meal. Mere sight of this luxurious feast could have put a five-star restaurant to shame. 

With the participation from the faculty and staff, the games were more entertaining than usual. It started off with the game of Bingo, where everyone busily waltzed around the lobby in an effort, by hook or by crook, to find someone else who fitted the descriptions on their own Bingo board. Here, new alliances were formed (“For you, I’ll dislike chocolate.” “Horror movies? I can start liking them.”), all in an effort to win the dazzling grand prizes, such as squeaky toys and coloring books. Who said being adult isn’t fun? Next up were the Childhood Photos, where everyone guessed whom the childhood pictures belonged to. Seeing the professors, with their vast expanse of infinite wisdom, also starting out as wee lads and lassies gave the young aspiring students a glimmer of hope – a hope that they too would accumulate this much knowledge one day, even though their graduation date was, as of now, still nowhere in sight. As the holiday cheer rose to a crescendo, the annual ugly sweater competition rounded up the games. Here, the contenders were asked to give a quick twirl in front of the crowd to show off the uniqueness of their sweater. The winner of the competition was none other than the former ChEGSO president himself. After organizing the holiday party for so many years, he knew exactly what the crowd was looking for, so he swooped in for a decisive victory. He even added a bonus catwalk, which looked suspiciously natural. Time flies when you’re having fun. Alas, though reluctantly, the party eventually came to a conclusion, leaving all participants look longingly forward to next year’s holiday season. Happy holidays, everyone!