Dinner at Happy Dog

It was the autumn of 2015. With the last rays of sunshine beaming down our backs, we the proud chemical engineers began an undeterred march eastward to Uptown, Cleveland. Our destination lay in Happy Dog, where we intended to celebrate the conclusion of yet another fruitful summer and enjoy ourselves one more time before the Cleveland winter devours the last bit of our cheer. Our extravagant meal boasted an upgrade to our usual dinner of canned foods: Happy Dog supplied an astonishing 50 unique toppings for their hot dogs! Once we recovered from the initial shock, the scientist in us went merrily on to calculate the probability of selecting a groundbreakingly novel topping combination, while the engineer in us loosened our belts for this luxurious indulgence. Some of us were adventurous, daringly marking down random toppings, whereas the cautious ones theorized the compatibility of toppings. And there were the sneaky few (myself included), who stalked around and copied topping selections from the ones deemed reliably wise. Regardless of the method of choosing toppings, everyone got what they wanted: a fancy dinner in the company of friends over cheerful conversations. Though the wind outside of Happy Dog howled menacingly and the taste of winter permeated the air, our hearts rejoiced as we savored possibly the last warm day of the year.