Apple Picking at Patterson Farm

An apple a day, keeps doctors away. How could apples possibly keep even the most keenly-trained doctors at bay? Intrigued by the power apples seem to possess, our brave chemical engineers embarked on an arduous journey to Patterson Farm on September 20, 2015, to unravel the mystery behind apples. Thanks to the athletic genes we possess, which allowed us to jump high, we were able to gather apples that were both low-hanging and out-of-reach. The gorgeous weather further lifted our moods and in no time, we were dancing giddily, with our test samples in tow, down the aisles of apple trees. While some samples were used for laboratory experiments, others helped us fill our stomach, enhance friendships, and impress others with delicious pies. (Disclaimer: We are trained professionals. Your result may vary.) It was a happy day. Oh, and our laboratory test result? An apple a day, can keep anyone away, if thrown hard enough.