Waterjet Cutter

A waterjet cutter

Get trained and certified to use this Waterjet Cutter!

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How to Start

  1. Review Waterjet Cutter Capabilities >>
  2. Design your part with your preferred 2D design, 3D modeling, or computer aided design (CAD) software. Learn to Use 2D Design and 3D Modeling Software >>
  3. Export your design as a DXF (.dxf) file. Alternatively, download and proceed with this sample DXF file.
  4. Come to think[box] and use Intelli-MAX Layout on our computers to create an ORD (.ord) file. Generate Toolpaths with Intelli-MAX Layout >>
  5. Review the process for setting up and running the waterjet cutter with Intelli-MAX Make. Setup and Cut Parts with Intelli-MAX Make >>
  6. After you've read the tutorial, demonstrate you're ready to take the next step by passing the Waterjet Cutter quiz. Take the Waterjet Cutter Quiz >>
  7. After you’ve scored 100% on the quiz you will be given a link that will allow you to schedule your 120 minute in-person training and certification.
  8. Once you complete our training and certification you are free to use our Waterjet Cutter. Our team is always available to help you work safely and effectively. Get Help with Your Project >>


The Waterjet Cutter can cut through many materials including metal, wood, plastic, composites, and stone. Review Waterjet Cutter Capabilities >>

OMAX 5555 Waterjet Cutter Technical Information