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  1. Review CNC Router Capabilities >>
  2. Design your part with your preferred 2D design, 3D modeling, or computer aided design (CAD) software. Learn to Use 2D Design and 3D Modeling Software >>
  3. Export your design as a DXF (.dxf) file. Alternatively, download and proceed with this sample DXF file.
  4. Come to think[box] and use PartWorks on our computers to create an VCarve (.crv) file. Generate Toolpaths with PartWorks >>
  5. Review the process for setting up and running the waterjet cutter. Setup and Cut Parts with the CNC Router >>
  6. Schedule a 120 minute training and certification with think[box] staff. Schedule CNC Router Training >>
  7. Once you complete our training and certification you are free to use our CNC Router. Our team is always available to help you work safely and effectively. Get Help with Your Project >>


The CNC Router can cut wood, most plastics, and certain composites. Review CNC Router Capabilities >>

ShopBot PRSAlpha 96 x 48 Technical Information

  • Maximum Material Dimensions: 96 x 48 x 6 inches (244 x 122 x 15.2 centimeters)
  • Positional Repeatability: ± 0.002 inches (0.05 millimeters)