Meet the Team

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Malcolm Cooke

Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Executive Director, Sears think[box]

Develops integrated strategies to address biomedical challenges

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Larry Sears

Advocates for Sears think[box] as a campus-wide initiative

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Ian Charnas

Director of Innovation and Technology, Sears think[box]

Develops strategic partnerships with faculty and alumni at think[box]

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Tiffany McNamara

Develops strategic partnerships with companies and organizations at think[box]

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Doug DeGirolamo

Manages events, programs, social media and outreach initiatives at think[box]

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Carol Martincic

Department Assistant, Development and External Affairs, and Sears think[box]

Supports the Office of Development and External Affairs at the engineering school and Sears think[box]

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Jason Bradshaw

Provides design for manufacturing expertise at think[box]