Case School of Engineering San Diego
Master's Degree Track in Wireless Health
Wearable Computing Graduate Certificate


Case School of Engineering San Diego (CSE-SD) was founded in 2007 to develop high quality, distinctive, leading academic programs that are integrated with the operations of Case Western Reserve University and the School of Engineering and its departments. CSE-SD is located in the heart of Sorrento Valley—San Diego's center for high tech, bio tech, information technology and other progressive businesses. 

Our mission is to produce professionals capable of driving innovation in wireless health and wearables. We pioneered the development of a leading-edge graduate study program in the exciting new field of Wireless Health—launching our Wireless Health Graduate Certificate in Fall 2011 and the Master of Science degree in Fall 2012. We are expanding our graduate offerings to include Wearable Computing as of Fall 2016. 

Case Western Reserve is an internationally renowned provider of engineering education and research with a 125-year history. We have a track record of developing outstanding engineers and engineering leaders—the inventors of Gmail, Nike Air Sole, the Guidant Stent and the Digital Mirror Display, and the founders of Craigslist and Dow Chemical are a few examples. 97% of employers say Case engineers produce faster than their peers. 

Case Western Reserve operates on a semester basis, with fall and spring being "regular semesters". The fall semester begins in late August and ends in early December.  The spring semester begins in mid January and ends in early May. The summer semester is comparably much shorter and has limited course offerings. View the five-year academic calendar now.