Case School of Engineering San Diego
Master's Degree Track in Wireless Health
Health Information Technology Graduate Certificate
Security in Computing Graduate Certificate
Wearable Computing Graduate Certificate

Wireless Health • Health IT • Security • Wearable Computing

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Join us for a dynamic experience to drive excellence, productivity and innovation. You can enroll in our graduate educational offerings part- or full-time, and may be in San Diego or elsewhere worldwide.

Our current academic offerings include Master's studies in Wireless Health (earning an MS in Biomedical Engineering or Electrical Engineering), Master's studies in Wearable Computing (earning an MS in Electrical Engineering) and Graduate Certificates in Wireless Health, Health IT, Security in Computing and Wearable Computing. You can choose course-only or thesis-option Master's programs of study—the latter requiring being in San-Diego.

Case Western Reserve is an internationally renowned provider of engineering education and research with a 125-year history. We have a track record of developing outstanding engineers and engineering leaders—the inventors of Gmail, Nike Air Sole, the Guidant Stent and the Digital Mirror Display, and the founders of Craigslist and Dow Chemical are a few examples.  Ninety-seven percent of employers say Case engineers produce faster than their peers.

We are located in the heart of Sorrento Valley—San Diego's center for high tech, bio tech, information technology and other progressive businesses. Having been here since 2007, San Diego is home and Cleveland our hometown.