Mehran Mehregany

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Director, Case School of Engineering - San Diego

Faculty Director of Development, Case School of Engineering Goodrich Professor of Engineering Innovation

Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Contact Information:

Office Location:Glennan 713
Office Hours:By Appointment

Phone Number:216.368.0755


B.S., University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, Electrical Eng., 1984

M.S., Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., Electrical Eng. & Computer Science, 1986

Sc.D., Massachusetts Inst. of Tech., Electrical Eng. & Computer Science, 1990

Research and Publications

Research Interests:

Research and development at the intersections of micro/nano-electro-mechanical systems, semiconductor silicon carbide and integrated circuits

Recent Publications:

L. Chen and M. Mehregany, “A Silicon Carbide Capacitive Pressure Sensor for In-Cylinder Pressure Measurement”, Sensors and Actuators: A Physical, vol. 145-146, pp. 2-8, 2008.

X.A Fu, S. Noh, L. Chen, and M. Mehregany, “Very Thin LPCVD Poly-SiC Films”, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, vol. 8, pp. 3063–3067, 2008.

B. Damrongsak, M. Kraft, S. Rajgopal, and M. Mehregany, “Design and Fabrication of a Micromachined Electrostatically Suspended Gyroscope,” Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, vol. 222, no. 1, pp. 53-63, 2008.

R.K. Burla, L. Chen, C.A. Zorman, and M. Mehregany, “Development of Nickel Wire Bonding for High-Temperature Packaging of SiC Devices”, IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging, vol. 32, pp. 564-574, 2009.

A.C. Patil, X. Fu, C. Anupongongarch, M. Mehregany, and S.L. Garverick, “6H-SiC JFETs for 450°C Differential Sensing Applications,” IEEE J. Microelectromechanical Systems, vol. 18, pp. 950-961, 2009.

P. G. Neudeck, D. J. Spry, G. M. Beheim, M. J. Krasowski, S. L. Garverick, M. Mehregany, and L.-Y. Chen, “Extreme Temperature 6H-SiC JFET Integrated Circuit Technology,” Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials, vol. 206, pp. 2329-2345, 2009.

Ö. Bebek, M.A. Suster, S. Rajgopal, M.J. Fu, X. Huang, M.C. Cavusoglu, D.J. Young; M. Mehregany, A.J. van den Bogert, C.H. Mastrangelo, "Personal Navigation via High-Resolution Gait-Corrected Inertial Measurement Units," IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, vol. 59, pp. 3018-3027, 2010.

X.L. Feng, M.H. Matheny, C.A. Zorman, M. Mehregany, and M.L. Roukes, “Low Voltage Nanoelectromechanical Switches Based on Silicon Carbide Nanowires,” Nano Letters, vol. 10, pp. 2891-2896, 2010.

T.H. Lee, S. Bhunia, and M. Mehregany, “Electromechanical Computing at 500°C with Silicon Carbide,” Science, vol. 329, pp. 1316-1318, 2010.

X. A. Fu, K. Okino, M. Mehregany, “Thermal oxidation of silicon carbide: A comparison of n-type and p-type doped epitaxial layers”, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 98, 042109, 2011.

X. A. Fu, J. Dunning, M. Mehregany, C. A. Zorman, “Low Stress Polycrystalline SiC Thin Films Suitable for MEMS Applications”, J. Electrochem. Society, vol. 158, pp. H675-H680, 2011.