Wireless Health Solutions

Apply now! Graduate Study in Wireless Health

Fall 2014 Master of Science, 4/18/14 application deadline

Spring and Fall 2014 Graduate Certificate, 12/4/13 and 4/18/14 respective application deadlines

Textbook: (December 2013 expected release): "Wireless Health: Remaking of Medicine by Pervasive Technologies", Mehran Mehregany, Editor

"Wireless Health: Remaking of Medicine by Pervasive Technologies" from IMAPS 2012

Book Chapter:  "Opportunities and Obstacles in the Adoption of mHealth" from HiMMS 2012

For the most part, health care delivery requires the patient and the provider to come together episodically at a given time and place.  In contrast, connected (i.e., anywhere, anytime) care (diagnosis, therapy and monitoring) promises significant improvements in quality, convenience, reach and cost of care.  This approach is referred to as Wireless Health, though the terms mHealth and digital health are also used.  The resulting growth industry needs experts who understand health care, wireless communications,biomedical instrumentation, clinical studies, information technology, user experience engineering and product innovation. To this end, we offer the first ever graduate education program consisting of a Graduate Certificate and a Master of Science degree. Become part of the promising wireless health industry! 

Certificate participants who matriculate into the MS program within two years of completion of the Certificate may transfer the credits earned for the Certificate toward the completion of the MS degree requirements. 

We acknowledge and appreciate generous support from Qualcomm, Inc. and Qualcomm Life to formulate, launch and advance our graduate education offerings in wireless health.