MEM Program’s Unique Executive Coaching

Create Your Career Vision and Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Individual coaching during your MEM experience positions you to become more productive faster and helps you refine the soft skills and social, emotional competencies needed to effectively lead people. CWRU’s MEM program is unique in providing executive coaches for each student. The Leadership Assessment and Development course, various assessment tools and coaching sessions in each of the three semesters help you develop a holistic approach to your future goals. You’ll gain an understanding of your individual learning style, areas of desired personal change and help in identifying opportunities that will help you make these changes.

Individual coaching helps prepare you to:

  • Fit well into an organization’s culture
  • Become flexible and adaptable
  • Recognize the value of relationships in achieving goals
  • Plan for the future in a deliberate manner

You’ll synthesize your experiences and challenges through Dr. Richard Boyatzis’ Theory of Intentional Change model—a core component in The Weatherhead School of Management’s leadership development programs. Coaches have earned certification in Developing Leadership through Emotional Intelligence and have achieved Hay Group accreditation to administer and interpret the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory assessment tool.
Corporate partners also serve as coaches to MEM students in the area of presentation skills and a Professional Skills Seminar Series offered throughout your MEM experience.