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Case School of Engineering Annual Report 2012-13

We're pleased to share with you our 2012-2013 Case School of Engineering annual report, Make It Happen.

3-D printed items

make it quicker

make it efficient

make it effective

make it compatible

make it sustainable


Let's make it bigger. Or smaller. Slower. Or faster. Make it harder. Easier.
Make it more functional. More beautiful.

Research it. Teach it. Touch it. Understand it.

Make it better.

Make it do more. With less. Make it dynamic. Make it meaningful.

Let's make it happen.

prosthetic arm with sensors

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Please explore our interactive PDF version of the annual report now:

Case School of Engineering Annual Report 2012-13

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If you would like to receive a hard copy of the annual report, please contact Christine Coolick, Director of Marketing and Communications, at