In The News


Bob Herbold, the former chief operating officer of Microsoft, to deliver the keynote address at CSE's Engineers Week.


BME associate professor Dustin Tyler comments on a new European study that has made strides in giving the sensation of touch to prosthetic limbs.


CWRU and University of Kansas researchers are developing an implant that bridges gaps in damaged brains to restore communication between diferent parts of the brain.


The "In the Dark" avant-garde fashion exhibit at MOCA Cleveland features designs produced by CIA and CWRU engineering students that merge art and technology with light.


The BrainGate project, which includes research at CWRU, is drawing closer to allowing paralyzed patients use of their limbs through an implant.


NIH awarded $1.7M grant to CWRU and UH to help develop new imaging technology to improve assessment of stents placed in coronary arteries.


Cleveland's Global Center for Health Innovation opened its fourth floor to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, with CWRU students in attendance at the opening reception.


A three-year NSF grant will help CSE researchers work on ways of building nanostructures to preceisely deliver medicines to tumors, carry dyes to detect diseases, or serve as wires in elecctronics or computers.


CSE professor Robert Savinell is quoted in an article about flow-battery technology.


CSE's Joseph Prahl discussed the science of the wind-chill effect experienced in Cleveland in early January.