In The News


Nottingham Spirk and CWRU launched a multi-faceted partnership to create an environment of innovation on the first level of CWRU's new think[box] center.


Product design firm Nottingham Spirk is partnering with CWRU to help inspire the next generation of inventors. 


CWRU researchers showed a palmtop dielectric spectroscopy system based on their new sensor, circuit and interface chips at ISSCC.


CWRU's research on restoring the sense of touch to artificial limbs is mentioned in an article about bionic limbs.


Civil's Dario Gasparini worked with students to run tests on bridge to determine structural behavior of Howe trusses. 


The inaugural Innovation Olympiad, a partnership among CWRU, OneCommunity and BlueBridge Networks, invites girls to explore STEM subjects and the “Internet of Things” to inspire creativity, innovation and collaboration.


Many Northeast Ohio tech startups cite CWRU's think[box] and Blackstone Launchpad as key factors in their success.


160 middle school girls were on the CWRU campus for the kickoff of GE Girls, a yearlong STEM awareness and engagement program for sixth-grade students from 16 NE Ohio schools.


BME researcher ZR Lu used nanoparticles to provide sustained drug delivery to slow progression of macular degeneration. 


DARPA continues to fund research at CWRU and elsewhere that allows amputees to experience the sense of touch in an artificial hand.