In The News


Through the  Institute for Functional Restoration, CSE's Hunter Peckham is working to address the problems in bringing niche products in the spinal-cord injury space to market and keeping them there. 


The Burton D. Morgan Foundation granted $1M to established the Burton D. Morgan Suite for Entrepreneurship with CWRU's new think[box] innovation center. 


CSE's Liming Dai comments on new smart windows that can harvest electricity from wind or precipitation that could be a future source of renewable energy. 


CWRU student startup company Carbon Origins made their second appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show, promoting their Apollo development kit. 


CSE's Liming Dai comments on new smart window technology that changes color with the weather.


CWRU computer science student Stephanie Hippo works to open doors for women in technology. 


Materials scientists have been interested in the mechanisms of undersea creatures. CWRU's Jeffrey Capadona has taken inspiration from sea cucumbers in developing material for implants. 


CWRU is one of the partners in the new $140M lightweight metals institute, called Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT). 


[video] Materials' Roger French discussed the duration of environmentally exposed technologies and research being done to develop those technologies further. 


America Makes, the first nationwide institute dedicated to the development of commerically viable 3D printing techniques, includes partners CWRU, Youngstown State and LCCC.