SAFE C.I.T.I.Structures Research LAB

CWRU Undergraduate Research ShowCASE 2017

April 21, 2017

Five undergraduate students of MHS DRISK Research Lab teamed up to presnet their research during the Research ShowCASE 2017 at CWRU. From the left, Saurav Shama (Sophomore), Annastasia Wong (Junior), Rachel Zable (Freshman), Olivia Okafor (Sophomore), Jessica McCoy (Senior-ShowCASE Team Leader), Prof. Heo, Maryam Mortazavi (Ph.D. candidate).

The ShowCASE team has investigated the consequences of underground natural gas pipeline failure induced incidents in our community such as human health impact, economic loss, and environmental disruptions, and what structural engineers can do to prevent and to mitigate such hazards and risks for resilient community.