SAFE C.I.T.I.Structures Research LAB

Collaboration and Mini-Symposium on Marine and Offshore Risk Engineering and Advanced Materials

April 28, 2016

MHS-DRisk Lab organizes a Case School of Engineering event for international research collaboration with Research Institute of Middle and Small Shipbuilding (RIMS), Korea on May 05, 2016. After the signing ceremony, a mini-symposium will be held in collaboration with RIMS to exchange mutual research interests in the area of marine and offshore risk engineering and advanced materials for future research collaboration. 

In Collaboration with the Case School of Engineering and
Research Institute of Middle and Small Shipbuilding

Marine and Offshore Risk Engineering and Advanced Materials

Collaboration and Mini-Symposium

May 05, 2016: 4PM ~ 6PM
at M2, Adelbert Hall

Signing Ceremony: 4:00PM ~ 4:30PM
Mini-Symposium:    4:30PM ~ 6:00PM


Dr. Seo, Hyoung Seock, RIMS
“ Introduction of Research in RIMS ”

Professor Heo, YeongAe, Civil Engineering, CSE, CWRU
“ Offshore Hazards and Risk: the Needs and Importance ”

Professor Matthiesen, DavidMaterials Science & Eng., CSE, CWRU
“ Wind Energy Research @ Case Western Reserve University ”

Professor Lewandowski, John, Materials Science & Eng., CSE, CWRU
“ Environmental Effects on Fracture & Fatigue of Marine Alloys ”

Professor Li, Yue, Civil Engineering, CSE, CWRU
“ Structural Reliability and Its Applications ”

Professor French, Roger, Materials Science & Engineering, CSE, CWRU
“ Data Analytics Applied to Long-lived, Outdoor Exposed Technologies: Diagnosing PV Power Plants ”

Professor Schiraldi, David, Macromolecular Science & Eng., CSE, CWRU
“ Marine and Offshore Opportunities for Advanced Materials ”

Professor Yu, Xiong (Bill), Civil Engineering, CSE, CWRU
“ Technologies and Modeling for Smart Boats ”



Thank you all !