Vikas Prakash

Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 
Case Western Reserve University
2123 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Glennan Building
Cleveland, OH 44106-7222
Office Location: Bingham 243
(216) 368-6440 (office); (330) 998-2845 (cell)
Laboratory Facilities 
Micro/nano Systems: Bingham 243
Multifunctional Characterization: Bingham 16
Shock and Impact Response: Bingham 240
Trauma-neuromechanics: Glennan 107 & Bingham 240
Visitors and Deliveries
Glennan 418, (216) 368-2940


Ph.D. in Engineering (Solid Mechanics), 1988-1993 
Brown University, Providence, RI
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, 1986-1988
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, 1980-1985
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, UP, India

Research Interests

  • 3-D tunable carbon-nanomaterial-based networks
  • Micro/nano devices for energy harvesting and storage
  • Phonon transport in low dimensional materials and thermal management  
  • Multiscale mechanics of materials under extreme conditions
  • Trauma-neuromechanics -- head, neck and brain injury
  • Energy absorbing materials and structures -- impact and blast energy mitigation
  • Dynamics of earthquake fault rupture -- fault and rupture mechanics. 

Select Recent Publications

Bifano, M. F. P., Park, J., Kaul, P. B., Roy, A. K., and Prakash, V., 2012. Effects of heat treatment and contact resistance on the thermal conductivity of Individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes using a Wollaston wire thermal probe. Journal of Applied Physics. vol. 111, 054321.
Kaul, P. B., Bifano, M. P., and Prakash, V., 2013. Multifunctional CNT-epoxy composite for thermal energy management. Journal of Composite Materials, JCM special issue on Multifunctional Composites for Energy Performance and Efficiency, vol. 47(1), pp. 77-95.
Park, J., and Prakash, V., 2013. Thermal transport in 3D Pillared SWCNT-graphene nanostructures. Journal of Materials Research, MRS, JMR Focus Issue on De Novo   Carbon Nanomaterials (in print).
Prakash, V., Kaul, P., Park, J., and Bifano, M. F. P., 2011. A novel device for in-situ nanomechanics of 1-D nanostrucures. Journal of Metals. pp. 49-56.
Bartsch, A. J., Benzel, E. C., Miele, V. J., Morr, D. R., and Prakash, V., 2012. Boxing and mixed martial arts: preliminary traumatic neuromechanical injury risk analyses from laboratory impact dosage data. Journal of Neurosurgery. vol. 116 (5)pp. 1070-1080.
Bartsch, A., Benzel, E., Miele, V., and Prakash, V., 2012. Impact test comparisons of 20th and 21st century American football helmets. Journal of Neurosurgery. vol. 116 (1)pp. 222-233.
Bartsch, A. J., Benzel, E. C., Miele, V. J., Morr, D. R., and Prakash, V., 2012. Hybrid III Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD) Response to Head Impacts and Implications for Biofidelic NOCSAE Athletic Helmet Testing. Accident Analysis and Prevention. vol. 48, pp. 285-291.
Yuan, F., Prakash, V., and Tullis, T., 2011. Origin of pulverized rocks during earthquake fault rupture. Journal of Geophysical Research. vol. 116 (B06309).
Yuan, F., and Prakash, V., 2008. Slip weakening in rocks and analog materials at co-seismic slip rates. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. vol. 56pp. 542-560.
Yuan, F., Liou, N.-S., and Prakash, V., 2009. High-speed frictional slip at metal-on-metal interfaces. International Journal of Plasticity. vol. 25 (4)pp. 612-634.
Yuan, F. P., Prakash, V., and Lewandowski, J. J., 2009. Spall strength of a zirconium-based bulk metallic glass under shock-induced compression-and-shear loading. Mechanics of Materials. vol. 41 (7)pp. 886-897.
Yuan, F., Tsai, L., Prakash, V., Dandekar, D., and Rajendran, A. M., 2008. Dynamic shear strength of S2 glass fiber reinforced polymer composites under shock compression. Journal of Applied Physics. vol. 103, pp. 103537.
DeMange, J. J., Prakash, V., and Pereira, J. M., 2009. Effect of heat treatment on blunt projectile penetration of a nickel-based superalloy. International Journal of Impact Engineering. vol. 36pp. 1027-1043.
Shazly, M., Prakash, V., and Lerch, B. A., 2009. High Strain-rate behavior of ice under uniaxial compression. International Journal of Solids and Structures. vol. 46 (6), pp. 1499-1515.
Prakash, V., and Mehta, N., 2012. Uniaxial Compression and Combined Compression-and-Shear Response of Amorphous Polycarbonate at High Loading Rates. Polymer Engineering and Science. vol. 52 (6), pp. 1217-1231.