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A new master's degree track in Wearable Computing explores the latest trend in the computing industry.
Case Western Reserve and the expansion of think[box] were highlighted at the first national Maker Faire
Data Science at Case Western Reserve University
ARPA-E leader

CWRU, Cleveland Clinic collaborate with Microsoft on mixed-reality technology

Case Western Reserve University Radiology Professor Mark Griswold knew his world had changed the moment he first used a prototype of Microsoft’s HoloLens headset. Two months later, one of the university’s medical students illustrated exactly why.
“There’s the aortic valve,” Satyam Ghodasara exclaimed as he used Microsoft’s device to examine a holographic heart. “Now I understand.”
Yesterday, Griswold told tens of thousands of people how HoloLens can transform learning across countless subjects, including those as complex as the human body. Speaking to an in-person and online audience at Microsoft’s annual Build conference, he highlighted disciplines as disparate as art history and engineering—but started with a holographic heart. In traditional anatomy, after all, students like Ghodasara cut into cadavers to understand the body’s intricacies.

Think[box] seeks volunteer coordinator

Case Western Reserve University’s think[box] innovation center is seeking a volunteer with great organizational and communication skills to help build a powerful team of volunteer tour guides.
The volunteer pool will be intragenerational and chosen from the student population at the university as well as alumni and community members. The estimated time commitment would be 10 hours a week, and the estimated total number of volunteers to manage may be around 30. Parking will be provided.
Learn more and apply.

Baja Team races off-roading car in four-day international competition

Earlier this month, eight members of the Case Western Reserve University Baja Team packed up their trailer and drove south to Auburn, Ala., to compete in an international competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers.
Every year since 2001, students on the Baja Team have designed, manufactured and raced a custom off-roading vehicle. Using a variety of manual machines, computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines, rapid prototyping and support from local companies, the team was able to construct a high-performing vehicle for this competition season.

Upcoming BioEnterprise events offer information on medical device manufacturing, concussion prevention

BioEnterprise Corporation has announced two informational events offering opportunities to learn more about medical device manufacturing and concussion prevention.
BioEnterprise: Preparing for New UDI and Labeling Requirements will take place May 21, and Concussion: A National Challenge will take place June 23-24.

Researchers create first metal-free catalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteries

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University and the University of North Texas have made what they believe is the first metal-free bifunctional electrocatalyst that performs as well or better than most metal and metal oxide electrodes in zinc-air batteries.
Zinc-air batteries are expected to be safer, lighter, cheaper, and more powerful and durable than lithium-ion batteries common in mobile phones and laptops and increasingly used in hybrid and electric cars.