Innovation has a new home at Sears think[box]
Data Science at Case Western Reserve University

Macro’s Rigoberto Advincula to present corrosion webinar Nov. 5

Nearly one fourth of the total corrosion costs which are estimated at $551 billion annually or 6.3 percent of GDP are preventable according to research at Case Western Reserve University by Rigoberto Advincula, professor of macromoluecular science and engineering, who is presenting a webinar on the subject Nov. 5.
The scope of the corrosion problem in industrialized countries is enormous making it crucial to mitigate its effect or inspect structures prior to failure. Any metallic specie other than the noble metals are prone to specific oxidation conditions, foremost are carbon steel structures and pipes.

Innovation hub think[box] gets more support and a new name

The university’s innovation hub that opened earlier this month already has a new name: Sears think[box].
Or, more formally: the Larry Sears and Sally Zlotnick Sears think[box] at the Richey Mixon Building.
As part of events involved in the university’s Innovation Summit, President Barbara R. Snyder announced Tuesday evening that the couple’s giving to think[box] now totals $10 million; in recognition of their generosity, she added, the innovation center had been named in their honor.

Researchers unveil open-source modeling software to enable mesoscale design and assembly

As molecular-level electronic, photonic and biological devices grow smaller, approaching the nanometer scale, chemists, physicists and materials scientists strive to predict the magnitude of the fundamental intermolecular interactions, and whether new hierarchical combinations of these material components will assemble and function as designed.
Scientists at Case Western Reserve University and collaborators at University of Massachusetts-Amherst and University of Missouri-Kansas City unveil Gecko Hamaker, an open-source computational and modeling tool with a full-spectral optical web-service, highlighted on the cover a recent issue of the American Chemical Society’s journal Langmuir.

Hear from leading thinkers at next week’s Innovation Summit

From creating revolutionary inventions to rethinking educational models, Case Western Reserve has been a center of innovation for decades.
Now, the university’s commitment to creative endeavors will be on full display as it hosts the Innovation Summit Oct. 26-28.
More than 80 speakers from across specialties and sectors—entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers, economic development professionals, policy makers and more—will explore the impact of various models of innovation, including how they contribute to regional economies, cultures and education.

Madabhushi and Viswanath awarded patent on multimodal data fusion

Anant Madabhushi, professor of biomedical engineering and director of the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics, and Satish Viswanath, research assistant professor of biomedical engineering, have been awarded U.S. patent 9,159,128 entitled "Enhanced multi-protocol analysis via intelligent supervised embedding (empravise) for multimodal data fusion.”
The invention provides a system and method for analysis of multimodal imaging and non-imaging biomedical data, using a multi-parametric data representation and integration framework. The present invention makes use of dimensionality reduction to account for differing dimensionalities and scale in multimodal biomedical data, and  a supervised ensemble of embeddings to accurately capture maximum available class information from the data.