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New grant will fund microgrid planning study

Wind turbines and solar panelsAmerica is changing its energy delivery systems to become cleaner and more secure, and Cleveland State University will be leading a Cleveland Foundation-funded study to look at how the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County might benefit from this shift. The focus of the initiative will be to examine how microgrids might enable economic development in downtown Cleveland.
Case Western Reserve University’s Great Lakes Energy Institute will be collaborating on the project.

Graduate students win NSF research fellowships

Blue ribbon awardTwo graduate students in the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering have won Graduate Research Fellowships from the National Science Foundation (NSF).
Kristen Van De Voorde is a first-year PhD student in the lab of LaShanda Korley, the Climo Associate Professor in the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, and Assistant Professor Jon Pokorski. Her fellowship will support her research into the development of complex porous materials for directing cell growth in regenerative medicine.
Kristen Wek is a BS/MS student in Pokorski’s lab. Her research is focused on developing asymmetric magnetic materials via 3-D printing.

CWRU students take home first place at the seventh annual Autonomous Snowplow Competition

CWRU autonomous snowplow teamStudents from Case Western Reserve University took home first place at the seventh annual Autonomous Snowplow Competition in St. Paul, Minn.
Hosted by the North Start Section of the Institute of Navigation Satellite Division, the competition challenges students to design, build and operate a fully autonomous snowplow to remove snow from a designated path, while safely avoiding moving and stationary obstacles.

Man with quadriplegia employs injury bridging technologies to move again—just by thinking

BrainGate patient Bill KochevarBill Kochevar grabbed a mug of water, drew it to his lips and drank through the straw.
His motions were slow and deliberate, but then Kochevar hadn’t moved his right arm or hand for eight years.
And it took some practice to reach and grasp just by thinking about it.
Kochevar, who was paralyzed below his shoulders in a bicycling accident, is believed to be the first person with quadriplegia in the world to have arm and hand movements restored with the help of two temporarily implanted technologies.

Engineering faculty members win NSF CAREER grants

Lab researchTwo Case School of Engineering faculty members are among three Case Western Reserve University researchers to receive National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grants, totaling nearly $1.7 million.
Michael Hore, assistant professor of macromolecular science and engineering, received a $500,000 CAREER award to unravel how nanoparticles move through a tight pore—a process known as translocation.
Bo Li, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, received a $500,000 award to develop computational tools to improve additive manufacturing processes.