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CWRU, CSE set all-time records for gifts and pledges

Case Western Reserve announced today that its generous donors allowed the university to set another all-time record for gifts and pledges for the fiscal year that ended June 30. Alumni and friends committed a total of $151.6 million—an amount $5.7 million more over the previous all-time record set in 2013. In addition, supporters enabled Case Western Reserve to set new all-time records in nearly two dozen individual categories.
“This fundraising success is a testament to two groups of people: the supporters who appreciate the extent of our impact, and the faculty, staff, and students who perform such inspiring work every day,” President Barbara R. Snyder said. “Our gratitude to everyone who advances Case Western Reserve is truly immense.”

Civil chair David Zeng named guest professor at Tianjin University

David Zeng, chair of the Department of Civil Engineering and Frank H. Neff Endowed Chair Professor, has been named a guest professor at Tianjin University in China.
Zeng received the honor from the university’s president, Li Jiajun, during a visit this summer. The position is given to international experts for their contributions to research and education at the university.
Zeng was appointed in recognition of his collaboration with professors at Tianjin University on research projects related to foundations for offshore wind turbines, which include the exchange of graduate students, joint publications, seminars and sharing of experimental data. 

BME’s Dustin Tyler featured at upcoming Science Café Cleveland event

Close your eyes and you can get a sense of the challenges of blindness; a sense of deafness by plugging your ears. However, the most difficult of the five senses to understand the devastating impact of its loss is touch.
Dustin Tyler, associate professor of biomedical engineering, will discuss the emerging field of devices for sensory restoration that are leading the evolution of a new era in prostheses in the upcoming session of Science Café Cleveland on Monday, Aug. 11.

Madabhushi team awarded patent

Anant Madabhushi, professor of biomedical engineering and a member of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, has been awarded U.S. patent 8,774,479, titled “System and method for automated segmentation, characterization and classification of possibly malignant lesions and stratification of malignant tumors.”
The invention relates to a method and software for segmentation and classification of tumors automatically identified on radiologic imaging. The methodology involves computerized extraction of features on imaging that can characterize the risk and malignancy of the lesion.
Co-inventors include Shannon Agner (Washington University, St Louis) and Mark Rosen (University of Pennsylvania).

Translational health technology student launches LLC

For some students, an assignment ends with the final grade. For Allison Kipling, the assignment was just a place to start—she’s parlaying her graduate school education into a real-world business.
Kipling is a second-year student in Case Western Reserve University’s master’s degree track in translational health technology within the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Earlier this year, she and her classmates launched a company to take what started as a class project into the medical marketplace.