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CFD Analyst Position

Positions Description (CFD Analyst)

A Post-Doctoral level mechanical or chemical engineer with minimum 3 years of research experience in the areas of fluid mechanics, multiphase flow & heat transfer and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is needed to join the CWRU Computational Team for the NASA Evolvable Cryogenics (eCryo) project. The prospective candidate will work towards the development of state-of-the-art two phase CFD models for Cryogenic Fluid Management (CFM) of propellant and life support storage tanks for 1G and Microgravity simulations and model validation.  In this capacity, intimate working knowledge of multipurpose CFD codes such as Ansys-Fluent, CFX, Flow3D, or Star CCM, experience with writing customized UDFs for the CFD software, and strong coding ability in Fortran and C++ are critical. Additional working experience with MatLab, Ensight, Design Modeler, Gambit, and CAD packages will be of great advantage. US citizenship is required. 

Please send your cover letter and CV to:

Dr. Kassemi, email: