BS/MS Application Process

Applications to the BS/MS Program must be made after the completion of 75 credit hours of coursework and prior to attaining senior status (completion of 90 credit hours). Normally, this means that students will submit applications in the sixth semester of the BS program (usually the Spring semester of the junior year). Please check with the current EECS BS/MS Advisor to learn the specific due date for your application.

Two advantages to our BS students applying for the BS/MS Program over the standard MS program are:

  • No application fee is required
  • The GRE exam is not required.

The Case School of Engineering (CSE) sets the minimum GPA for admission to the BS/MS Program at 3.00. Individual departments may set a higher minimum GPA. The applicant should check this with the EECS Graduate Coordinator or the BS/MS Advisor.

Applications to the BS/MS Program is done through the School of Graduate Studies.  Go to the Graduate Studies Application page.  Click on "Apply online through CollegeNET" and follow the indicated process.  There will be a check box in the on-line application asking for which degree you are applying.  It is important that you check "B.S.-M.S" and not "M.S." or even "Ph.D." at this point.

The complete application package will include the following.  Some of these are electornically submitted and some are manually submitted.

  • The application form (electronic)
  • A Statement of Objectives (electronic)
  • Three letters of recommendation (electronic)
  • An approved Program of Study. (manual)

The application form and the Statement of Objectives are done through the on-line application.  You may also indicate your references for the letters of recommendation as part of the electronic application by simply entering their e-mail adresses.  They will then be contacted by e-mail to submit their letters of recommendations electronically.

Several individuals are very important to the manual submission of the official Case transcript and the approved Program of Study.  These are:

  • The EECS Coordinator for Student Affairs is Kimberly Yurchik. Her office is located in the EECS central office on the 3rd floor of Glennan.
  • Prof. Wyatt Newman who is the B.S./M.S. Program Advisor for M.S. degrees in computer, electrical, and systems/control engineering.  His office is Glennan 516A.
  • Prof. Tekin Ozsoyolgu who is the B.S./M.S. Program Advisor for M.S. degrees in computer science.  His office is Olin 506.  
  • Dean Claudia Andersom who is the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies.  Her office is Sears 357.
  • Susan Benedict who is Manager of Graduate Admissions.  Her office is Tomlinson 203F.

You must submit an official transcript as part of the process.  Our recommendation is that you personally go to the Registrar’s Office to get an official transcript (this will cost you $5) and then hand deliver the official transcript to Student Affairs in the main EECS Office.

What should be put on the Program of Study form?

The Program of Study must list the courses (research and classes) that will be counted for the MS degree (minimum of 27 hours) and which semester they will be taken.  The courses listed are typically:

  • 18 semester hours of classes
  • 9 semester hours of thesis (EECS 651)


1. Up to nine hours of GRADUATE courses can be double-counted toward both the MS and BS requirements. The courses to be double-counted are to be indicated on the Program of Study.

2. Starting Fall 2012, EECS 500 is no longer required for M.S. or B.S./M.S. students.

The Program of Study is a contract between you and the university.  However, it is expected that you may need to change one or more classes and/or when they will be taken during the course of your B.S./M.S. program. The School of Graduate Studies requires that such changes be submitted on a Program of Study Change form and approved in writing as they occur.

When a student is admitted to the BS/MS Program, he/she will be advised by the appropriate program advisor until the student selects a research advisor who will supervise their thesis work.  At that time the student should notify the EECS Office of Student Affairs which will then officially make the research advisor the student's advisor.

What should be done with the Program of Study form?

  1. Download the Program of Study Form.
  2. Complete it with the assistance of the BS/MS program advisor and get her/his signature.

  3. Upload the electronic Program of Study form with your application to Graduate Studies.
  4. Take a physical copy of the Program of Study form to Dean Anderson, in the Undergraduate office, for approval.

  5. Dean Anderson will review the form and email an approved copy to you and to the School of Graduate Studies.  (this may take several weeks)

  6. The program to which you applied will make their decision.

  7. The School of Graduate Studies will process the official decision.