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Research Faculty

Musa Audu, Ph.D.

Human musculoskeletal modeling and development of control systems for rehabilitation of individuals with spinal cord injury and other balance disorders. Design of rehabilitation devices for physically challenged individuals.


Oju Jeon, Ph.D.

Development of biomaterials to create 3D Bioprinted constructs for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


Sourabh Shukla, Ph.D.

Bio-inspired nanotechnology towards the development of innovative cancer therapeutic strategies; Pre-clinical evaluation of viral nanoparticles-based cancer therapeutic & diagnostic platforms; Cancer vaccines and immunotherapies.


Cong Truc Huynh, Ph.D.

Polymeric drug delivery systems; biomaterials for functional tissue regeneration; sustained and/or controlled delivery of bioactive molecules to control stem cell fate; cell-cell interactions; polymer synthesis and functionalization.

Tina Vrabec, Ph.D.

Direct current block of the peripheral nerve; New electrode technology was developed to provide direct current nerve block safely, allowing several novel nerve block waveforms to be tested that have the potential to address a wide variety of clinical issues over a varied group of patients.

Ethan Walker, Ph.D.

Development of a live-time imaging technique to rapidly and reliably identify basal and squamous skin cancer in the margins of conventionally resected skin cancer samples that would significantly impact the quality of patient care.


Xinning Wang, P.h.D.

Development of targeted imaging agents for detection and imaged-guided surgery of prostate cancer. Preclinical evaluation of PSMA-targeted theranostic agents for photodynamic therapy of prostate cancer.


Mei Zhang, Ph.D.

Nanotechnology for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment; Imaging and Manipulation of Tumor Microenvironment; Cancer Immunotherapy; Adoptive T cell Immunotherapy