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NeuroRad Vision commended by State Government of Ohio

A team of biomedical engineering researchers earned official commendations from the State of Ohio for its first-place finish in the collegiate division at the inaugural Medical Capital Innovation Competition earlier this year. The team consisted of Prateek Prasanna, a recent biomedical engineering graduate, Anant Madabhushi, the F. Alex Nason II Professor of Biomedical Engineering, and was led by Pallavi Tiwari, assistant professor of biomedical engineering.

The team won for its NeuroRadVision technology, which is described as “a computerized decision support software toolkit, employing novel and advanced artificial intelligence and image analysis algorithms to differential recurrent brain tumors from benign radiation-induced treatment effects.”
The team received official notes of congratulations from the General Assembly of the State of Ohio and from Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.



by authority of
Secretary of State
Of Ohio

Jon Husted
the 53rd Ohio Secretary of State

Presents this certificate of commendation to

NeroRad Vision

It is my privilege to recognize and commend you on your first place finish at the Inaugural Medical Capital Innovation Competition in the Collegiate Division.

This certificate is tendered on behalf of the people of the State of Ohio as a small token of their sincere gratitude and admiration for your exemplary achievement. Through your dedication to bringing reliable resources into healthcare facilities, you have earned this coveted recognition

Your unwavering adherence to excellence is a testament to your focus and determination and should serve as an inspiration to others for what can be achieved with such ambition and perseverance,

As Ohio's 53rd Secretary of State, it is my honor and unique distinction to recognize and commend you on this great honor. I wish you continued success in life and hope this achievement is but one in a long line of similar, well-deserved achievements.

Jon Husted
Ohio Secretary of state
June 1, 2017




The General Assembly of
The State of Ohio
House of Representatives
Under the Sponsorship of
Representative Bill Patmon
House District 10

On behalf of the members of the House of Representatives of the 132nd General Assembly of Ohio, we are pleased to congratulate the


On winning first place in the collegiate division at the inaugural Medical Capital Innovation Competition.

The members of the Case Western Reserve University NeuroRad Vision team are a remarkable group of academicians, combining talent and competitive spirit with exceptional knowledge in the field of healthcare to distinguish themselves as exemplary individuals. Throughout long hours or research and preparation, the team proposed software that would use artificial intelligence and image analysis to allow physicians to distinguish between cancerous and benign brain tumors, and as a result, the NeuroRad Vision team bested five other collegiate teams to win first place at the inaugural Medical Capital Innovation Competition. Their spectacular performance has earned them funding to bring their idea to the market place, and they have displayed a degree of determination and motivation of which they can be proud.

The success of the NeuroRad Vision team is fitting tribute to the CWRU community, to its members, and to their excellent knowledge, dedication, and commitment to the future of medicine. The invaluable business acumen and experience the students have gained through their participation in this event will greatly aid them in meeting the challenges of the future.

Thus, with sincere pleasure, we commend the Case Western Reserve University NeuroRad Vision team on its exemplary performance and salute its members as some of Ohio's finest citizens.

Representative Bill Patmon
House District 10

Clifford A. Rosenberger
Speaker, Ohio House of Representatives