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Over the past several decades the number of new drugs and therapeutic agents has increased exponentially. This increase has been particularly prevalent with the creation of recombinatorial chemistry libraries, and high-throughput screening methods. Yet one of the challenges still facing the therapeutic application of these drugs is their appropriate delivery: at the right concentration, in the desired temporal or spatial manner, etc. The same can be said for tissue engineering; namely we know what cells we would like to use but the challenge is getting them where they need to go in a manner that is effective.

Our research group is examining the creation of novel polymeric platforms for drug delivery and tissue engineering. Specifically we are examining:

Drug Delivery:

  • Polymers which can be loaded with drug and refilled at a later time.
    • Chemotherapeutic Agents
    • Proteins for HIV Therapy
    • Antibiotics
    • DNA and siRNA
  • Degradable polymers which are capable of in situ polymerization or gelation.


  • Tissue Engineering:

    • Polymers which can present biomolecules, and are available for remodeling or refilling at a later time.
    • Cellular models using embryonic stem cells to generate mature cells which are difficult to proliferate in culture.
      • Endothelial Cells
      • Cardiomyocytes
      • Motor Neurons


The CDMC is located off Wickenden 218 in a recently renovated space on the Case Western Reserve University campus.